·         Research will compare over time the effects of forest thinning and fuels reduction on the development of large residual trees and their physiology, the development of large shrubs, changes in forest microclimates, white-headed woodpecker and small mammal populations dynamics, and the role and function of forest insects stands dominated by ponderosa pine. Pre-treatment data collection began in April 2011.

 ·         The first timber sale, named Extra, will harvest an estimated 9.5 million board feet of timber from 493 acres. Additional timber sales will be used to complete the thinning of smaller trees across the total of 2,554 acres. Hazardous fuels will be reduced by piling large slash at log landings, scattering the remaining slash outside of log landings, mowing shrubs, and underburning after the fuels have dried. Associated actions include a total of one mile of temporary road construction, 35 miles of road maintenance, and eventual road closures to protect the research plots.