Troubled Downtown Bend Nightclub Closing

Boondocks Bar and Grill Says Saturday is Last Night

POSTED: 12:46 AM PDT March 27, 2012    UPDATED: 12:49 AM PDT March 27, 2012 
BEND, Ore. -

Boondocks Bar and Grill, a downtown nightclub that has been the focus of much public attention over incidents at or near the establishment over the past few years, is closing its doors on Saturday, the establishment announced.

"Thank you for many years of fun, joy, excitement and of course drama," the bar?s Facebook announcement stated.

Some Facebook commenters questioned whether the timing made it an April Fool's prank -- in fact, they were hoping so. But the bar staff replied, "We wish it was a joke, but we are serious -- we are shutting down. This is our last week."

"Thank you every(one) for all your support!" they later added.

Just last month, after a big fight outside Boondocks one weekend, nightclub owner Howie Long told NewsChannel 21 that his security crew does its best to provide a safe environment.

"People think we have a really bad reputation, but just like any bar in town or any nightclub in a big city, they have the exact same ways, too," Long said.

Long said he employed a dozen security guards on weekends and was working with police to try to resolve the issues and improve the place's reputation.

But he said some situations were beyond his control, such as people getting drinks elsewhere downtown but using the Newport Avenue bar's large parking lot.

Police Sgt. Chris Carney said last month the bar wasn't necessarily the problem, but it was a large place where alcohol was served to a variety of people.