"We hiked through some tricky areas, obsidian, lava flow, and dense forest. It was important to keep in mind that, although we could not see the area around us, there were dangerous drops and obstacles we had to maneuver around. I found that my best approach was to focus on the feet of the hiker in front of me and trace their steps. If I fell behind, ever, my heart would race, as I felt that I was hiking nearly blind. I owe a lot to Sally, as she was the one I followed out, step by step, throughout our 8 miles of night hiking.

"We were so fortunate in so many ways. We would have had serious concerns with food, had it not been for the other group of four who we partnered up with. Had it not been for Rich and Renee, we would not have had cell service, which allowed us to navigate out as safely as possible.

"What an unexpected and unforgettable adventure. There are so many brave people fighting this fire, while we are able sit back and think about how thankful we are to be home. The experience has been very humbling."

And what about Wilber?

"His group made it out Monday morning," Bumblis said. "There, the story is pretty crazy, too. He bought a used Ranger yesterday (Saturday) at the same place and same salesman we bought our new used car at today. Funny stuff. We are all going to try and hook up this week."