SALEM, Ore. -

 The on-time graduation rate for Oregon high school students in the class of 2012 is up, but barely.

The Oregonian ( reported that state figures showed the rate rose by less than a percentage point and remains at 68 percent.

Gov. John Kitzhaber and his chief education officer, Rudy Crew, call 68 percent unacceptably low.

Meeting the state's goal of having all students complete high school by 2025 would require a higher rate of improvement, about 1.5 percentage points a year.

The class of 2012 was required to pass a reading test or equivalent to graduate. The Oregonian said most students who stayed in school through senior year but didn't get a diploma lost out because they failed too many classes, not the test.


Information from: The Oregonian,


Bend-La Pine Schools release:

Bend-La Pine Schools Keeping Students on Track for Graduation

2010-11 BLS dropout rate 1.96% - Statewide average 3.4%

Bend-La Pine Schools continues to exceed state averages in efforts to keep students in school and make it to graduation, according to information released by the  Oregon Department of Education (ODE) today.

The report highlights district and statewide graduation and dropout data from the 2011-12 school year.

The ODE report shows that the five Bend-La Pine Schools high schools’ average dropout rate of 1.96% in 2011-12 is lower than the statewide dropout average of 3.4%.

“Thanks to the great work taking place in our schools, both in classrooms and in the  counseling arena, more and more students continue to graduate within four years,” said Assistant Superintendent Jay Mathisen.  “Our continued focus on teaching and learning is paying dividends.”

Mathisen says that the state report shows Bend, La Pine, Mountain View, and Summit high schools had a combined dropout rate of just 0.52% during the 2011-12 school year.

“The focused collaboration taking place in our schools between teachers,  counselors and school staff continues to make Bend-La Pine Schools a district focused on readying students for their future outside of the school halls,” Mathisen adds. “Great things are happening and students are achieving at high levels – even as we continue to raise the bar academically.”

The state also released 4-year cohort graduation data today. Using the Cohort Graduation Rate formula, Oregon’s four-year graduation rate for 2011-12 was 68% while Bend-La Pine Schools was 72%.

Under the Oregon calculation, students are only considered ‘graduates’ if they graduate within Four-years of the start of high school with a standard diploma. Students who receive a modified diploma, GED, adult high school diploma, or alternative certificate are not counted as graduates in this model.


Redmond School District release:

Redmond School District shows growth in high school graduation rates

Redmond, Ore. – Redmond School District has received the 2011-12 release of high school graduation statistics from the Oregon Department of Education.

 In 2011-12, Redmond High School, the district’s largest high school program, revealed a graduation rate of 77.3%, a significant 8.5% increase over last year. Ridgeview High School, which is in its inaugural year of operations and has no seniors, was not included in the report data.

These rates are based on a 5-year graduation cohort, which accounts for students who are engaged in the school’s Advanced Diploma program. The program is designed to allow students to participate in an accelerated college credit program by earning college credits during a fifth year of high school enrollment. It was created to increase the number of students pursuing post-secondary studies, which has been a strongly supported initiative in Oregon.