I've waited to post as I was hoping Alaska Airlines would have done the right thing by electing the humble service path and standing by their customers.

This man was not drunk. In any way. There were 20 people in line with us, a dozen of whom were standing in line with us, with this man, for over 20 minutes while we waited for someone to return to the counter.

Alaska's internal investigation, stopped internally. These staff members in Redmond care more about their code, than they do about a human in need. And corporate just sent a message that they care more about upholding the code and the people behind the code, then they do the human being. It's incredibly sad that this disabled man, who has Parkinson's, who does exhibit traits that are similar to someone who has lost control of their faculties while being under the influence of a substance, is not only crazy but incredibly irresponsible.

No more Alaska for me, I'm sad to say. I've enjoyed the airlines branding for years, and love that they are in Redmond. I also was very optimistic that they would do the right thing and realize that this situation raised an major service issue in their organization, that they could address immediately and elegantly. Instead, we've been contacted by people today from Alaska Airlines who were working hard to save face and figure their way out.

This is a Northwest brand, supposedly by the people, for the people. They've done a very good job of branding, and a poor job of living the brand. Always a test during challenging moments.

Alaska, I was the 5th person behind this gentleman and you now know my account of the story. He was not inebriated. You have the times of everyone that checked in between 11:40am and 12:20pm on August 3rd. Start asking the people on the other side of the counter what happened and who this man was.

~ Tiffany Clark