Implemented in stages since 2001, Oregon law requires Oregon residents 12-years-of-age and older who operate powered boats of more than 10-horsepower to obtain their Mandatory Boater Education card. Failure to have a card under the above conditions might result in a $110 ticket.

This card is NOT a license to operate a boat, as there is no such requirement in Oregon. It is a one-time program; once a boater receives their card, it never has to be renewed. There is a one-time $10 cost to receive your card, and duplicate cards are available for $5.

While boat operators can access the testing material and actually take the test on-line, those doing so will generally be charged to take the test and receive a certificate.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office offers a monthly three-hour class free of charge that accomplishes the same goal. Students watch a video, are given information pertaining to specific Oregon laws and requirements, and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Students then take a 75-question multiple-choice test; a minimum score of 70% is needed to pass. The tests are graded at the class and once a student has passed, they receive all necessary paperwork and information on how to receive their card from the Oregon State Marine Board.

The following is the schedule of classes for 2013.  All classes run from 6pm-9pm on the second Friday of the month at the main Sheriff’s Office in Bend (63333 West Highway 20).                                                                      

April  12th

May  10th

July  12th

September  13th

To attend a class or for additional information, go to, or contact the Sheriff’s Office at 541-388-6503.