Other sheriffs have been joining in the letter-writing move, but not always with the same points to make.

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer put it this way in his letter sent Wednesday to Biden: "I will not tolerate nor will I permit any federal incursion within the exterior boundaries of Grant County, Oregon, where any type of gun control legislation aimed at disarming law abiding citizens is the goal or objective."

"We live in a free society," Palmer wrote, "and firearms ownership and the right to defend ones self from becoming a victim of a criminal act or from a far reaching government attempted to enact laws that are unconstitutional."

Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni's letter was to "the citizens of Coos County," not to Biden.

"I have and will continue to uphold my Oath of Office, including supporting the Second Amendment rights of our citizens," Zanni wrote, adding, "I will also continue to be an avid supporter of Oregon's Concealed Handgun License Program and in protecting the confidential personal information of each license holder."