C. Oregon Music-Arts Coalition formed

By KTVZ.COM news sources
POSTED: 2:51 PM PDT September 26, 2012 

We are proud to announce COMAC, a new organization developing in Central Oregon. We are uniting the Music and Arts Community in to one co-operative organization, working solely for the benefit, advocacy and support of all things music and arts related.

The Central Oregon Music & Arts Coalition welcomes musicians, artists, actors, theatrical professionals, promoters, venue owners, sound reinforcement, production companies, music store owners, educators and anyone connected to or working within our artistic community.

            COMAC exists to assist the community in addressing civic leaders and law makers, offer career support and training for artists, community outreach for schools and charitable organizations, support with local events, connecting artists and musicians with each other, venues and more. COMAC is excited to be working with and advocating for, local artists and those connected to all artistic endeavors in our community. A few of the projects COMAC will focus on include:

COMAC are dedicated to working towards and achieving all of these goals with a positive, cooperative attitude and work ethic. Our motto is “Embrace”…..COMAC are here to EMBRACE the entirety of Central Oregon’s artistic community. Not just the performers, actors and artists but the bar and venue owners, promoters, media outlets, schools and charitable organizations as well because we know the value of art and that in Central Oregon, art touches everyone. COMAC will be holding a public meeting, inviting individuals to get involved, ask questions, share ideas and opinions in the near future. 

COMAC on Facebook; www.facebook.com/CentralOregonMusicArtsCoalition

Media Contact – David Miller (541) 390-9024       email - dmiller@horizonbroadcastinggroup.com

COMAC Steering Committee


Coalition Chair/Assistant Artist Liaison – David Miller

email – dmiller@horizonbroadcastinggroup.com

Artist Liaison – Doug Donoho

email - Dldonoho@gmail.com

Venue Liaison – Jasmine Helsley 

email - jasmine@jahpromotions.com

Media Liaison - Dori Donoho

email – dorinda.donoho@gmail.com

Community Outreach Liaison  - Josh Hart

email - thejoshhartproject@gmail.com

Theater Liaison – Derek Sitter

email - derek@volcanictheatrepub.com