#4Adjust your travel time if you can – Fortunately here in Central Oregon the sun can quickly help our DOT folks improve road conditions by mid day. Check ODOTs road condition website and cameras for the latest.

#5Add weight (a few sand bags) - This is more for balance rather than for traction. Most vehicles are lighter in the rear, even 4x4s’. Balancing weight greatly improves handling and predictability in slick environments. Think what NASCAR racers do to their vehicles.

#6Have winter survival gear in your car. (flashlight, snow boots, gloves, hat). Be prepared to walk a mile if you need to.

#7Sipe your tires – Those extra little edges cut into the tread – really help especially on pack snow and ice – conditions when vehicles most often loose control.

#8Tire chains – For traction when going over the passes and in extreme conditions. They also force you to slow down – go figure.

#9Snow tires on all four wheels – Help in deeper snow and slush. Put on all four wheels - again more for balance, steering, and braking.

#10Studded tires – Adding studs to snow tires can help on hard packed snow and ice, especially if it is glazed and wet.