BEND, Ore. -

Honeybees aren't native to Central Oregon but that doesn't stop hundreds of beekeepers in our area from bringing them here.

The Central Oregon Beekeepers Association, an organization put together to enhance the hobby of beekeeping, held a bee school over the weekend.

Membership in the association has grown to more than 100. Saturday was for beginners, and Sunday was for the advanced class.

Students learned about landscaping that will enhance the production of honey, as well as biology and nutrition of bees.

"Before I actually started keeping bees, I was a member of the association for two years," said Mike Ashley. "I attended two of these schools, just so I would develop as much knowledge as possible."

There are many different challenges beekeepers face here on the High Desert.

The bloom period of plants is relatively short. compared to the Valley, and climatic issues have changed the bloom patterns of the native plants in the area.