The woman told the judge, "I felt like I was going to die, and nobody was ever going to find my body."

The woman says afterward, Bray casually lounged on his bed reading and eventually fell asleep. That's when she said she tried to make her escape, crawling off the bed onto the floor and gathering her ripped clothing and great-grandmother's pearls.

She testified that Bray then asked her why she was leaving and she told him, "Because you hurt me."

Before leaving the apartment building, the woman says she noted Bray's apartment number and what floor she was on. She says she repeated them to herself over and over, so she could tell police exactly where she was.

After arriving home, the woman says she stared at her shower for about 15 minutes.

"I had to make a decision, if I was going to heal in private, or if I was going to report my rape," she testified.

She decided not to shower and took pepper spray and the largest knife she had in her kitchen and says she locked herself and her dog in her bedroom.

Not able to sleep, the woman says she wrote a journal entry about what had happened to her and named it, 'Wounded.'

In the entry, she says she wrote "I was raped tonight. I wanted him to like me, and he knew it."

Later, the woman says she went on Google and searched the terms 'Thomas Bray' and 'rape in Oregon.'

She says she Googled Bray because she was under the impression he was a doctor and was concerned if she reported the rape, police would take her to the hospital where he worked to get tested.

She told the judge she Googled 'rape in Oregon' because she wanted to know what the best way to go through with reporting her alleged assault was and what would take place.

When asked if she doubted what had happened to her, the woman said, "I knew exactly what he did to me, I just didn't want to believe it."

The Bray trial picks back up for a third day on Thursday.