BEND, Ore. -

For business owners in Bend, a glimpse Thursday at the health of the city of Bend. At this year's state of the city breakfast, a new twist: City staff took submissions for the top 10 questions the public had for the city. Not surprisingly, most were related to the economy.

Bend mayor Jeff Eager said the city is on solid financial ground, and a recent surplus of nearly $2 million from property taxes gives the city a chance to support a long-term economic development goal.

That means "taking a look at how we might be able to help OSU-Cascades create a four-year university here," Eager said, "because of the benefits that has for our city's economic development, and jobs for the future."

Portions of those surplus funds are being used to support public safety and for a rainy-day fund. Discussions about giving some of that money to OSU Cascades are still preliminary.

City Manager Eric King also will be talking to councilors about matching the $100,000 the Bend Metro Park and Rec Board allocated this week to finally get a feasibility study done on dredging or other options to clear the growing silt from Mirror Pond.