Chris Otto, general manager of the Seventh Mountain Resort Chris, said he doesn't want decisions made with such a divided industry.

"We need to wait until we are unified before we present anything to the council," he said.

"Like it or not, the reality is tourism is the single largest industry (in Bend)," Hughson said.  "So we need to learn how to understand the economic impacts of that industry, because being the largest industry, it's going to have an impact on everyone who lives here, whether they're employed in the tourism industry or not."

Perle said increasing the tax would have a positive impact on Bend. He said it could be the next step in the economy's evolution.

But for many, the timing just isn't right.

"We've been in a difficult time, and we're still in a difficult time, and I would not like to increase the cost to my customers right now," said Wayne Purcell of The Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center.

So if you work for a local bike shop, own a clothing store or simply dine at a Bend restaurant--you might want to pay attention to this one--this proposal could affect tourism in Bend, and that could affect other local businesses, and you