BEND,Ore. -

A crosswalk on a busy four-lane highway. That's where Serena Hunt's father, Robert Hunt, 55, and younger sister, Chelsea Hunt, 14, were riding their bikes when tragedy struck.

It was at Reed Lane, on Bend's south end last October. One car stopped for them, but another car in the next lane, didn't. Hunt was killed, his teen daughter injured when 26-year-old Rita Le's car slammed into them.

Now, Hunt's other daughter, Serena wants a change to be made, so other pedestrians or cyclists won't be killed where her father was.

"I'm outraged that my dad had to die in order for attention to even be called to this in the first place," Hunt said Saturday.

Hunt doesn't blame the driver. She said it's the city of Bend, Deschutes County and ODOT's fault. That's why she recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against all three.

She's asking for $2.75 million in damages, but she said it's not about the money.

"The money in a way is almost tainted, you know," Hunt said. "We don't want the money -- we want our dad back."

In April, months after the tragedy, ODOT crews installed signs that flash rapidly to alert drivers when a pedestrian is using the crosswalk.

The warning signs are about 500 feet before the actual crossing, but Hunt said that's not good enough. She wants the crosswalk done away with completely.

"Even with the lights there, it's still not safe," Hunt said. "People don't go 45 mph on that road."

Although Hunt does think the driver, Rita Le, may have been distracted when she hit her father and little sister, she said nobody expects there to be a crosswalk across four lanes of speeding traffic.

Hunt thinks her father's only mistake was trusting the crosswalk to keep him and his daughter safe.

"He would have never went to cross that street if he didn't think that it was safe, and that is the fault of the parkway, because it wasn't safe," said Hunt.

The lawsuit also claims brush along the parkway was not properly trimmed so pedestrians and drivers could see each other clearly -- something else that was done after the fatal crash.

Hunt's death is one of two pedestrian fatalities on the parkway in the last two years. In 2009, a man was struck and killed near Badger Road.

An ODOT spokesman said they cannot comment on pending litigation.