BEND, Ore. -

An elderly Bend woman was scammed out of $150,000, but received some great news Thursday when she got thousands of it back.

Attorney General John Kroger paid a visit and handed Beverlee Stupfel a check for $107,000 Thursday morning, a huge victory months in the making.

Stupfel got caught up in a time-share fraud, where companies target senior citizens and convince them to invest in worthless properties.

"Apparently, I must be rather trusting, assuming people are looking out for my own good and would only contact me with positive intentions," Stupfel said. "And come to find out, not everyone has those positive intentions."

Kroger said Stupfel's case is tragically common, but a remarkably big one.

The Oregon Department of Justice found 33 different companies involved in scamming Stupfel and are now trying to put those that broke the law out of business.

"We've gotten very good results so far in Beverlee's case," Kroger said. "It's the largest single recovery for an individual in Oregon's history."

Kroger said another $30,000 is coming for Stupfel from businesses that scammed her.

He said while the DOJ is happy with how the case turned out, what they really want to avoid is people being victimized in the first place.

if you have been scammed or swindled, call the Attorney General's office Consumer Fraud Hotline to file a complaint at 1-877-877-9392.