The city?s plans to replace failing water pipelines would not be impacted by a compliance delay, if granted. The new pipeline will be installed beneath Skyliners Road before planned road reconstruction in 2013.

If the pipeline is not installed before road reconstruction, current Deschutes County code would require the city to wait five years before the new pavement could be cut. This would add to the project?s cost and risk failure of the old pipelines.

The Bend Public Works Department is addressing aging infrastructure and new federal requirements to provide continued access to cost effective, clean, and reliable drinking water for Bend residents and businesses now and for the future. The Surface Water Improvement project will update the City?s Bridge Creek water supply system by:

? Replacing failing water supply pipelines with a new pipeline under existing roadways.

? Providing opportunity for several new fire hydrants along Skyliners Road for fire suppression.

? Adding flow-control features to the new pipeline; minimizing environmental impacts by only diverting water needed for beneficial use by the City of Bend.

? Providing fish screening and passage facilities at the Bridge Creek intake facility site.

? Building a water treatment plant to filter surface water from Bridge Creek and meet new federal drinking water regulations.

? Building a new hydroelectric facility to generate renewable energy.

More information is available on the project website: