BEND, Ore. -

More than 250 days after a Bend woman, Lori Blaylock, vanished in what police believe was murder, her husband and accused killer was back in court Monday.

Steven Blaylock is set to stand trial for her murder in October. On Monday, Blaylock's status hearing, set for September, was pushed back.

Her body still has not been found.

"We're still holding onto hope -- that's all we have," said Rocky Hartman, a friend of the missing woman.

Friends and family of Lori "Woody" Blaylock know where her husband allegedly put her body. But nearly a year after her disappearance, they still don't know what happened to her.

Until Steven Blaylock goes on trial in a few months, he's apparently the only one who does.

"You have to wait, because they have to do their job and everything," said Hartman. "You don't want to jeopardize or compromise the case in any way."

Police say Blaylock killed his wife, then dumped her body in the North Santiam River near Detroit Lake.

That was in October. In December, kayakers spotted a body near there, renewing hope Lori's body would be recovered.

"It puts a pinpoint kind of on that's where she's at -- that's where she's at," said Hartman. "So I'm very thankful for the kayakers back in December, for them spotting her."

But the frigid river rose overnight, and searchers were unable to find and pull her body from the water.

In March came was crews' most recent push to find Blaylock, but they turned up nothing.

Officials thought summer weather would put an end to the waiting game, but it hasn't.

"Until we get a sighting, or until the river levels drop to such where it might expose some river bank that might help us in a finding, we just don't have any leads to go on at this point," said Linn County Undersheriff Bruce Riley.

No matter how much time passes, or how many setbacks search crews face, Hartman is confident her good friend's body will be found.

"When the time is right, she'll be found," said Hartman.