Good Hydration is a group of concerned parents, health care professionals and citizens asking for the removal of sugared beverages from our local schools. For more information, or to schedule an interview with members of Good Hydration or Dr. Stephen Archer, call 541.913.6693 or email


Asked about the school district's announcement, Good Hydration member Rose Archer provided this response Tuesday morning:

"We are very happy to see this as a first step and we recognize that Nutrition Services is way above par when it comes to their efforts to make school food as healthy as they can with their limited budget.

However, according to Terry Cashman the only reason they are removing these two flavors is because the new federal regulations say that these milks must be fat free and Eberhards is having a hard time coming up with a recipe that fits all the guidelines. We called Eberhards and they confirmed this problem. So it would lead us to believe that if Eberhards can find the recipe solution these highly sugared, artificially flavored and colored beverages will be back.

If they were removing them because they did 10 minutes of research from unbiased studies and found out what we did (that these are incredibly unhealthy for children) then we would be happier as it would ensure they were gone for good. The following quote from their press release says it all: "Next school year we will eliminate our strawberry and root beer flavored milks as they are made with 1% milk. We will offer non-fat white and chocolate milk and 1% white milk."

The percentage of fat is not the problem with these milks. The percentage of sugar is.

Secondly, we will continue our cause to remove ALL highly sugared beverages from local schools. Local dieticians have argued that fruit juices is worse for children than flavored milk as it contains all of the sugar and none of the nutrients. The main sugar in 100% fruit juice is fructose which is processed different from other sugars, by the liver, and is stored preferentially as fat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children consume no sugared beverages per day, this includes fruit juice. We would like chocolate milk to be served once a week in place of dessert, since it is dessert. "