BEND, Ore. -

A badly injured bald eagle found near La Pine last week is still recovering and has been found not to have lead poisoning, as feared, but it's fight for survival is far from over.

The bird of prey was taken to the Bend Veterinary Clinic Tuesday afternoon for spinal X-rays and more blood tests.

Recently returned lab results showed the eagle doesn't have lead poisoning, a big relief to those caring for him, but there's still serious issues to contend with.

"The biggest hurdle has been his paralysis, I think -- getting him to stand" well, said Jeannette Bonomo, a raptor veterinary specialist.

"He's not using his right leg, and he holds his foot in a fist, which is why we put the 'bootie' on today," she said. "And hopefully that'll help him to stand and balance better."

If the paralyzed leg doesn't get better, vets still might have to euthanize him.

Donation drop boxes have been set up at the Bend Vet Clinic and Sunriver Nature Center, if you'd like to help with the cost of medications. They also are taking fish donations, since the eagle eats so many of them.