Oregon Statewide         $3.730              $3.642              $3.336              $3.887                 $4.294          7/03/08

Portland                        $3.720              $3.620              $3.311              $3.895                  $4.278           6/21/08

Salem                           $3.730              $3.644              $3.336              $3.889                  $4.262           7/08/08

Eugene/Springfield        $3.785              $3.681              $3.371              $3.947                  $4.330           6/28/08

Medford/Ashland          $3.764              $3.717              $3.355              $3.963                  $4.379           7/11/08

Bend                            $3.777              $3.672              $3.425              $3.911                  $4.345           6/20/08

Vancouver, WA             $3.750              $3.652              $3.358              $3.923                  $4.349           6/28/08

This week, four states have regular unleaded at or above $4 a gallon, up from two states last week.  For the third consecutive week, there are no states below $3 a gallon. 

For the 15th week in a row, both Oregon and Washington remain out of the ten most expensive states, but California remains in the top five in second.  Hawaii has the most expensive gas in the country for the 19th consecutive week at $4.36, followed by California at $4.24 (up seven cents and second for the fourth consecutive week), New York at $4.01, the District of Columbia at $4.01, and Connecticut at $3.99.  Washington is 29th up from 32nd last week at $3.73 (up eight cents).  Oregon is 30thth up from 33rd last week at $3.73 (up nine cents).  Idaho is 48th down from 47th last week at $3.45 (up four cents).  Wyoming has the cheapest gas in the nation for the sixth week in a row at $3.26 a gallon (up seven cents).

 Diesel prices are up slightly.  The national average adds a penny to $4.14 while Oregon’s average gains two cents to $4.13.  Diesel is at or above $4 a gallon in 45 states (including the District of Columbia), up from 42 last week.  Hawaii is most expensive at $4.95, followed by Connecticut at $4.43, New York at $4.43, California at $4.42 (up a penny and down from third last week), and Maine at $4.41.  Washington is 15th up from 20th at $4.21 (up three cents). Oregon is 26th up from 28th last week.  Idaho is 29th for the second consecutive week at $4.12 (up two cents).  A year ago, the national average for diesel was $4.03 and Oregon's was $4.27.

For the lowest prices reported around Central Oregon, visit KTVZ.COM's Pump Patrol page.