Quakes shake Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, Aleutian Islands

No damage reported from either temblor

(Update: second quake reported)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - The Alaska Earthquake Center reported that a magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck in the Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska at 8:25 p.m. local time Saturday night, the second quake of the day in the state.

Officials said the moderate quake was felt in the Anchorage area but no damage was reported.

The center reported hours earlier that a magnitude 4.9 earthquake hit part of the Aleutian Islands chain. The quake struck about 12:43 p.m. in the Fox Islands region of the Aleutians. There are no reports of damage from that earthquake as well.

The quake occurred at a depth of about 7 miles.

The National Tsunami Warning Center said there was no tsunami danger from the earthquake for Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

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