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Bend firearms instructor speaks in wake of Ariz. tragedy

Firearms instructor weights in

A firearms instructor who trained officers at Oregon's police academy for a decade spoke to NewsChannel 21 Sunday about the recent tragic fatal accident in Arizona as he distributed flyers outside the Oregon Trail Gun Show.

Campaign Watch: The week in Oregon politics

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Gubernatorial candidates accused each other of not being sufficiently supportive of issues important to women, and Republican Dennis Richardson grabbed some big checks from the timber industry. After backing the Republican last time, the firefighters union is throwing its support to Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley. And Republicans came out against most Oregon ballot measures.

Bend won't renew Mirror Pond Plaza lease

Mirror Pond Plaza lease up

The 500-square plaza in the heart of downtown Bend is known for bikes and beers, but changes might be coming soon. Crow's Feet Commons just lost the city lease on the plaza. Wanda Moore talked to both sides on Friday.

Eugene officer back at work after dispute

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — A Eugene police officer who threatened to sue the city after losing his job has returned to work.

SE Bend dispute sparks standoff, two arrests


Deschutes County Jail

The aftermath of a domestic dispute at a southeast Bend home led to concerns of a possible kidnapping, standoff and call-out of the region’s SWAT team early Saturday. But officers said crisis negotiators convinced two Bend residents to come out, and both were arrested.

5 things to know about Oregon's 2014 elections

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) — By the time Oregonians cast their ballots, the issues and candidates will be well-known. Gov. John Kitzhaber's cowboy boots and Senate candidate Monica Wehby's surgeon scrubs will be all over television. But here are five things you might now know about the upcoming election:

Meet The Candidates

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Larry Downing/Reuters

Former governor of Massachusetts

Joe Biden

Joe Biden file

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Vice President of the United States

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Path to Prosperity (Sized)

REUTERS/Jose Luis Magaua

Congressman, R-Wis.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Jim Young/Reuters

President of the United States

'Let's be clear:' Obama's favorite sayings

Despite being known for his prolific public-speaking skills, President Barack Obama often falls back on certain phrases in his news conferences in the United States and overseas.

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