BEND, Ore. -

It can be easy to get caught up in all the scandals that so often surround college sports, everything from players taking money to coaches breaking the rules to get prized recruits.

But this weekend in Bend, there's a chance to see how some Oregon State University student athletes have made a difference in a positive way thousands of miles away.

They come from the football field and the basketball and volleyball courts at Oregon State University. But this group of Beavers traveled a world away to make a big difference.

"To us it's 10 days out of our lives," one said.

"But as for the family that we're building for," said another

"So grateful," added a third.

"It's a place that will improve their way of life," another athlete said.

A total of 14 OSU athletes gave up their Spring Break to build a modern home for a family in need in Guatemala.

"Someone's donated for $1,500 (a device) that sits on top of the house, and then a battery power storage system so they can run their lights at night."

It was the first trip of it's kind, and the whole thing was filmed. On Saturday, the documentary about this inspirational trip is showing at Bend High School.

It's a story that has changed lives -- and not just for the families in Guatemala.

"It's the hardest work I've ever done in my whole life," one athlete said.

"I'm really happy I did it," said another student.

And one explained: "You know, if I ever have moments of doubt or what not, you know, I'll just look back at this trip."

Saturday night's showing is a fund-raiser, the money going to future "Beavers Without Borders" efforts around the world.

Doors open at 6:30, and general admission tickets are $8.