Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw

NewsChannel 21 Chief Meteorologist / Community Affairs Director

On October 10th of 1983, our family rolled into the sleepy, little logging town of Bend, Oregon. A strong inversion layer pushed thick wood-stove smoke close to the ground and I was introduced to an element of Central Oregon weather that I wouldn’t fully understand or use until years later.

Cheryl and I had our three young daughters with us and would add a fourth a several years later. We discovered what a great place Bend was to raise a family, but at the time, it was an equally difficult place to make a living. I was fortunate to have been hired by Beaver Coaches as their Warranty Administrator. Bend was at the beginning steps of recovery from a severe recession and making a living superseded developing a career.

After four years in the U.S. Navy (Aviation Electricians Mate…Viet Nam era) I met Cheryl while working for a college ministry, Collegiate Encounter With Christ. We started our family and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I entered the world of recreational vehicle sales and service.

After four years there and eight years with Beaver, a more serious pursuit of a career, not just a job, began. I had been a public speaker for years and secretly hoped for a job where I could speak for a living.

A unique chain of events carried me back to college (COCC) and a job as a waiter in a casual fine-dining restaurant at the age of forty-five. I was introduced to working as talent in commercials by a co-worker that was doing the same.

A couple of years of making commercials opened the door for a successful audition as the weathercaster on the live morning news program. A short while later, I transferred to Mississippi State University, completed my meteorology training, and

I am now nearing 18 years “in the business” and on NewsChannel 21 at Sunrise. My life-long love of television and my desire to “speak for a living” have been married up and I now have the job of my dreams!

In addition to being the Chief Meteorologist for our family of stations, I also have the privilege of serving as the Community Affairs Director. Through meteorology, 21 Cares For Kids and the work of several non-profit organizations, I have the privilege of serving the Central Oregon Community in ways I never before thought possible.

Cheryl and I have lived in Central Oregon for nearly 35 years. We now have grandchildren the ages our children were when we moved here. This is our home. I am honored that through our church, several organizations and my work here at NewsChannel 21, our “family” has grown to hundreds. Thank you so much.