Top jobs for recent graduates

As college graduates enter the workforce, there is opportunity for them to make high salaries and obtain job security right away. Take a look at some of the top jobs for recent graduates.

Petroleum geologist: With the need for oil increasing in the U.S., petroleum geologists are in high demand, and being paid well for their work. The starting median salary is $79,307.

Pathology assistant: Pathology assistants make an average of $72,263 starting out, according to While this job does require some work with corpses, it also provides work in other areas.

Ultrasound technologist: Ultrasound technologists can earn an average of $65,339 starting out, according to A field that's expected to increase in demand over the next several years, there is job security in this profession.

Chemical engineer: According to, chemical engineers record an average starting salary of $64,089. Chemical engineers are in high demand so there's a lot of opportunity for job placement.

Software developer: Software developers start with an average salary of $57,916, according to There is the opportunity for a lot of job growth in this field as the need for developers keeps increasing. While some companies are using off-shore resources, developers are still in demand in the U.S.

Biomedical engineer: states that biomedical engineers make an average of $49,804 in starting salary. This job is growing and also has the potential for a fast salary increase.

Meeting/Event assistant: According to, meeting/event assistants make an average of $44,189. This job comes with additional perks of travel and frequent networking.

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