Recovered from dragging, Chance has new home

Pit bull adopted by BrightSide's trainer, also gets a 'job'

REDMOND, Ore. - Chance, the pit bull who was severely injured last summer and has been recovering at Redmond's BrightSide Animal Center the past six months, officially has a new "forever home" -- and he won't have to move to settle in, either.

Judy Anderson of Bend was selected from the applicants to adopt Chance, BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld  announced Friday.

Anderson, BrightSide's dog trainer, has been fostering Chance in her home for the past two months.

Although some other applicants also offered good homes for Chance, Bauersfeld said she felt Chance would do best in an environment where he already feels safe, secure and loved.

"Judy and her family will give Chance a great home," Bauersfeld said. "And Judy will also give him a job."

Chance is a balanced, happy dog, and Anderson will use him to help train other dogs, especially strong breeds like pit bulls, how to be balanced as well.

"I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to adopt Chance, who holds a special place in my heart and I know in the hearts of many others," Anderson said.  "I will always remember the day he arrived at the shelter with his horrific injuries.  Seeing him now, so happy and healthy, is incredible."

"I want to thank the many heroes who contributed to saving Chance:  his initial roadside-rescuers, the fast-acting and generous donors who funded his medical recovery, and the Brightside staff who took such great care of him. I especially would like to thank executive director Chris Bauersfield, and veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Byrd, who never gave up and worked so hard to save Chance's life."

To mark the happy occasion, BrightSide is unveiling a beautiful portrait of Chance, donated by Bend artist Mindy Sue Werth.

The artwork, entitled "Chance: Will to Live," was created and donated to BrightSide by Werth, a Bend artist who operates MsW Original Art and Illustrations (you can see more of her work at One of her portraits was judged Best in Show at the 2013 Deschutes County Fair.

"Chance and his story bring me hope in so many ways," Werth said. "I'm beyond tears of joy for him and the people who have helped him along this long journey."

BrightSide said it "is honored to have received this lasting tribute to Chance."

"We're delighted that Mindy was moved to create this beautiful portrait of Chance," said Bauersfeld. "We're honored to display it for all our visitors to see."

Prints and cards featuring the portrait also are available for purchase. Contact Werth at or for details. Prints of some of her other work can be purchased at

Authorities determined the severe dragging injuries Chance suffered last summer were the result of an accident, and no criminal charges were filed.

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