Laid-off bloodhound sniffs out job in Bend

'Ranger' joins the K-9 force; 2 drug dogs sought

BEND, Ore. - The Bend Police Department announced Wednesday the addition of a new police canine, "Ranger," a 2-year-old bloodhound who lost his old job due to budget cuts.

Ranger was obtained from the Polk County Sheriff's Office last week. Ranger and his previous handler were laid off due to budget cuts in Polk County.

"The Polk County Sheriff's Office graciously offered Ranger to the Bend Police Department at no cost," Wednesday's announcement said.

Over the past year, the department has been looking for ways to expand the K-9 program to include a bloodhound and two drug-detection dogs.

The department currently deploys two patrol dogs that are primarily used to track suspects and are a force option.

"The new addition of Ranger will supplement our current successful canine program with locating missing persons, fugitives, and outstanding evidence or property," Sgt. Nick Parker said in the announcement.

A bloodhound 's sense of smell is much stronger than any other breed of dog.

Bend Police Officer Kyle Voll has been selected as Ranger's new handler. Ranger will live with Officer Voll and his family.

Officer Voll and Ranger will undergo formal training together in the near future before they will begin working. They will ultimately be assigned to the patrol division.

The Bend Police Department continues to pursue the addition of two drug-detection dogs to help target the drug problem more effectively. It is costly to purchase and deploy these dogs.

The Bend Police Department is actively looking at ways to fund these dogs internally. The police department is also accepting donations from the community, Parker said.

Anyone interested in helping the K9 program can do so by contacting the Bend Police Department or by visiting the Bend Police Department's website at:

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