HSCO: Avoid impulse purchase of Easter pet

BEND, Ore - The Humane Society of Central Oregon is reminding people to avoid the impulse purchase of live rabbits, chicks or ducklings as Easter gifts. 

These young animals may be adorable now, but in a short period of time they will mature into adult animals that need daily care for the rest of their lives. Sadly, most of these animals face futures not as happy pets, but as unwanted or neglected animals.

Children lose interest quickly, and "Easter animals" may live seven to 10 years.  When children are no longer interested in their new animal "toy," it is the animal that suffers. 

Shortly after Easter, many rabbits, chickens and ducklings are brought to animal shelters throughout the nation and have a difficult time getting a home.  Many others are released into the wild or parks, where these domesticated species cannot fend for themselves and may die.

Remember this Easter that an animal is a lifetime commitment, not a holiday toy to be bought as a gift and momentarily enjoyed.  Remember these facts when tempted by the cuteness of these newborn animals:

  • Baby animals grow to be adults quickly, and often lose the "cute factor."
  • All animals require a commitment of time and energy to meet their physical and emotional needs.
  • Baby animals are fragile and can accidentally be killed or injured if children or adults handle them incorrectly.

This Easter. bring home an adorable stuffed toy or chocolate bunny that can be enjoyed in your holiday celebration.  For more information on the Humane Society of Central Oregon, visit or the shelter at 61170 SE 27th Street in Bend.

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