The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are preparing to face-off in the Super Bowl. Take a look at what they are saying heading into the big game.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on his post-game outburst aimed at Michael Crabtree:

“We're talking about football here, and a lot of people took it further than football. I was on a football field showing passion. Maybe it was misdirected and immature, but this is a football field. I wasn't committing any crimes and doing anything illegal. I was showing passion after a football game.

"It is what it is. Things like that happen and you deal with the adversity. I come from a place where it's all adversity, so what's a little more or people telling you what you can't do. I really was surprised. If I had known it was going to blow up like that I would have approached it differently, just in terms of the way it took away from my teammates. That's the thing I feel regretful about."

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning:

“I love him to death. He’s just a great person, first of all. And obviously a great football player, all the accolades he has and all the big games he’s won. So I have a lot of respect for him.”

Wilson on working with Manning at the Manning Passing Academy:

“There were thousands of kids there, and I was actually in his group – me and 12 or 15 other guys.”

“Just how much care for the kids, and how much detail he always talked about and what a perfectionist he was.

“I try to use that in my game. I’ve got a long ways to go, obviously. But I just try to do all the little things, and that’s what he does. He takes tons of notes. He does all the right things. And he puts his team in the right position to win football games.”

Manning on preparing his teammates for what to expect at the Super Bowl:

(Head coach John Fox) has encouraged guys to ask questions or encouraged guys that have some experience to share any thoughts or tips. We have had an opportunity to do that, to share some of those whether it has been coaches or players or (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) John Elway. I think that is a good thing that Coach Fox set that up to help some guys have an idea of kind of what they’re getting in to.”

Broncos tight end Julius Thomas on facing Seattle’s defense:

“It’s the Super Bowl, so it’s going to be tough. Nothing is going to come easy. I’m pretty sure you’re going to see two teams playing as physical as possible. This is for all the marbles, so I’m pretty sure it will be a tough game all around.”

Broncos head coach John Fox on the Seahawks:

“I know they’re a great football team. I think Pete Carroll and his staff have done a terrific job. They’ve been the one seed all through the NFC for at least the last six-eight weeks. I know they got after us pretty good when we were out there in the preseason. … Any time you reach a championship game, the world championship game, I think usually the opponent is pretty good.”