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Prevent injuries when you start spring sports

When you restart your spring activities, make sure you are taking the proper precautions to prevent early-season injuries.

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Are walking poles good for brisk walking?

Find out how carrying walking poles can benefit your hikes.

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Top outdoor activities for seniors

Check out these fun and active ideas for seniors.

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How to prepare for spring running

As spring nears, get tips on how to get ready to start running again.

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How to prepare for next golf season in winter

Just because the temperatures are cold and there may be snow on the course doesn’t mean it’s too early to start preparing for golf season.

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Outdoor cardio workouts

Check out these outdoor cardio workouts that will benefit your health while allowing you to spend time outdoors.

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Hiking, backpacking, camping


Find your way off the beaten path

Get tips for your next hiking trip.

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Keep kids safe when playing hockey

Playing outdoor ice hockey is a fun activity for kids. Get tips on how to keep them safe on the rink.

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