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Tips for golfing in colder temps

As the temperatures start to fall, get tips on how to still enjoy a round of golf before the season ends.

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Aerobic exercise: How to warm up and cool down

Done correctly, warming up and cooling down may offer help in reducing your risk of injury and improving your athletic performance.

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Barefoot running shoes vs. traditional running shoes

Inspired by a growing enthusiasm for barefoot running, barefoot running shoes are lower to the ground, lighter and less cushioned than conventional running shoes.

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What to bring on a winter hunting trip

When hunting during the winter you want to make sure you are well prepared to battle the elements.

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What to look for in golf shoes

Golf shoes can be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment to a golfer.

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How many calories can you burn running, walking?

When trying to lose weight and get into shape, many people turn to walking and running. Find out how many calories you can expect to burn.

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Bike commute


Tips for biking to work

Biking to work is a great way to get to work, benefit the environment, and get you outside before you start your work day.

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Rev up your workout with interval training

Interval training can help you get the most out of your workout.

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