Heating coils in baseboard heaters are hair magnets. Annually remove baseboard covers, and using a small air compressor, blow hair and dirt out between elements. Using specialized nozzle attachments designed for small spaces, vacuum appliances and baseboards weekly.



Pets chew and claw in surprising places – wires, furniture and even water lines. Offer pets plenty of toys. Create opportunities for structured play time in safe spots where they can romp freely. For animals resistant to training, take advantage of products to help you gain control. For example, cats can be discouraged from scratching by using wide double-stick tape. They don’t like the way it feels on their pads, and will avoid scratching your lovely new sofa — especially if you’ve placed a scratching post nearby as an attractive alternative! Note: Do not place tape on leather sofas as it will damage the surface and always do a test strip in an inconspicuous area.  

Source: http://www.networx.com/article/pet-ownership-pee-on-the-floor-and-gaug