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Pronghorn paradise: Luxury home sales on upswing

This upscale wonder is yours for $3.9 million

Extraordinary Living: Pronghorn home upscale to the max

BEND, Ore. - As our visits to some outstanding Central Oregon homes moves on to Pronghorn, we learn from local Realtors that buyers are back in the high end of Central Oregon's real estate market -- welcome news after the housing market bubble burst, bringing high-end sales to a standstill.

A lot of the clientele at this price point are coming back to the market, looking for second and third homes, they say.

This home in Pronghorn offers just the right combination for a buyer that does not want to compromise. The architecture is amazing in this home. The property is unique in that it only has a master and two bedrooms in 5,000 square feet that is dedicated to expansive spaces.

This end of the market is all about custom features, from the one of a kind front door to the designer features that make this home truly a one of a kind.

The fireplace is an architectural feature and support for the entire roof system of the home.

This home is currently being offered at $3.9 million, turn-key and furnished right down to the silverware.

The clientele that purchases a home like this is usually self-employed to a degree and are very successful, obviously. They're positioned a lot differently than the average consumer -- they've got a lot of companies, LLCs and K-1's, and they are paying cash. If it's not cash, it is a super-jumbo  loan of over $2 million with 30 percent down.

There's a lot of young money coming up from California, Silicon Valley, the Bay Area -- Google, Facebook, not just baby boomers and retirees. A lot of the clientele in this price range are coming back to our market because Bend is such a great community.

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