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Stay safe in sun by knowing the best sunscreen options

To keep your family safe in the sun this summer take a look at these tips from the experts on how to properly use sunscreen.

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How to fit carbs into your family's healthy diet

Not all carbs are bad. Find out how to fit good carbs into your family's healthy diet.

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Should children be tested for high cholesterol?

As adults we get our cholesterol checked regularly, but should our children also be getting checked? Find out here.

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Make the most of family time this summer

Summer can be busy. To make the most of family time follow these tips to make time for family bonding.

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What is autism spectrum disorder?

Find out more about autism and how it impacts a child's life.

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Study: BMI could be missing 25 percent of obese kids

Researchers find that body mass index tests may miss children who have a normal BMI but also have excess body fat.

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What are symptoms of lead poisoning?

How do you know if you or your child has lead poisoning? Take a look at these symptoms.

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How to relieve a sunburn

While we can't do much about a sunburn once it's occurred, there are ways to help ease the discomfort. Take a look at these home remedies to treat sunburn.

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Whole Foods Market Healthy Eating


A healthier you is within reach. Follow our Four Pillars of Healthy Eating and get the building blocks to a better you.

Bend Memorial Clinic Pediatrics

Children are not small adults. They have unique health care needs that require special skill, attention and a whole lot of TLC. Our Pediatricians take the time to really get to know your kids, whether they’re infants, toddlers, big kids or teenagers.

Whole Foods Market School & Family Resource Center

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Only 2% of children eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and the typical elementary student receives just 3.4 hours of nutrition education each year. School gardens can make a difference.



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