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What you need to know about heatstroke

Get tips on how to treat heatstroke.

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Americans come up short on fruits, vegetables

Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Get tips for how to add more to your diet.

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Is your body ready for pregnancy?

Find out how to know when your body is ready to try to get pregnant.

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Sunburn treatment: What works?

Find out what works best to treat sunburn.

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Stop multi-tasking and learn how to focus

Trying to juggle kids' schedules and work can be hectic. Get tips on how to focus here.

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How to cope with phobias

Help yourself and your children cope with phobias by learning more about them here.

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Apply sunscreen generously, frequently for sun protection

To protect your kids in the sun, make sure you are applying sunscreen correctly.

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Breathing tips to help kids relax

Find out how teaching kids how to meditate can help them ease their anxiety.

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Whole Foods Market Healthy Eating


A healthier you is within reach. Follow our Four Pillars of Healthy Eating and get the building blocks to a better you.

Bend Memorial Clinic Pediatrics

Children are not small adults. They have unique health care needs that require special skill, attention and a whole lot of TLC. Our Pediatricians take the time to really get to know your kids, whether they’re infants, toddlers, big kids or teenagers.

Whole Foods Market School & Family Resource Center

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Only 2% of children eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and the typical elementary student receives just 3.4 hours of nutrition education each year. School gardens can make a difference.