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Same-sex health


Can same-sex marriage make America healthier?

A few weeks ago, Carlos Santos-Herrera was in a hospital bed, ill with a rare, severe form of strep throat. He was weak, but conscious -- and worried. His family members' religious beliefs differ from his own, and he didn't want to leave decisions ab...

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Deschutes County launches public health reporting site

Deschutes County Health Services said Monday it has launched a Public Health Online Reporting Site. Residents and visitors of Deschutes County can use this website to report public health concerns.

The grossest health concerns of summer

You are not the only one who thrives in the summer and loves its warm, long days. Bacteria and other microbes that cause food poisoning, diarrhea and just general grossness also flourish, threatening to make it a season to be sick.

Americans are still fighting weight

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The results are in: U.S. still fat

Two-thirds of Americans' scales are still tipping in the wrong direction, says a new study from JAMA Internal Medicine.

Joint Commission evaluating patient safety at St. Mary's Medical Center

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Patient safety evaluated at Florida hospital

The nation's largest accrediting agency for hospitals is evaluating "patient safety-related events at St. Mary's Medical Center" in Florida, which CNN found had a high mortality rate for pediatric open heart surgeries from 2011-2013.

"The Joint Commi...

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Billy Chinook update: State park, marina open for business

Recent news about algae at Lake Billy Chinook may have travelers wondering whether to visit -- and state park officials said Friday there's no reason not to, as the health alert resulted from tests in one relatively isolated arm of the lake.

Marijuana joint pot


UN: Pot use on the rise in America

Marijuana consumption is up in the United States -- and so is the potency of the pot.

Obamacare ruling


Oregon lawmakers, others react to ACA ruling

Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., cheered Thursday's ruling upholding key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

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