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Space blanket-migrants

From Robert Young Pelton/MOAS via CNN

The space blanket that saves lives

They appear after shark attacks, marathons, earthquakes and even terrorist attacks like the one in Paris last year. And they have appeared en masse most recently in images of migrants and refugees attempting deadly crossings of the Mediterranean Sea ...


"Burying Plague Victims of Tournai" by Unknown - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

Why scientists reconstructed an ancient plague

Scientists have just reconstructed the genome of an ancient plague, which may shed new light on how certain diseases can either mysteriously disappear or continue to evolve and spread.

Medicine generic AP

Housing: New frontier for Oregon health care plans

Health-care plans in Oregon are considering a new aspect of people's health and well-being: stable housing.

Local foundation provides concussion testing for teens

C.O., foundation offers concussion testing for teens

The start of the school year for students like Ben Capizzola means gearing up for classes and suiting up for the big game. It also means a special type of test that can be crucial later, should he suffer a concussion.

Brazil Zika mosquitoes

Miguel Castro/CNN

Singapore confirms 41 locally-transmitted Zika cases

Twenty six more cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus have been confirmed in Singapore, the city-state's Ministry of Health (MOH) said late Tuesday.

With 56 cases confirmed Monday, the total number of Zika virus infections in Singapore has risen to ...

USDA Department of Agriculture


USDA closes 6 offices after threat

The US Department of Agriculture has temporarily closed six offices in five states after receiving an anonymous threat, USDA spokesman Matthew Herrick said Tuesday.

Herrick said one email message was sent to multiple employees at the six locations. T...

Brazil Zika mosquitoes

Miguel Castro/CNN

Zika around the world: Where do we stand?

Zika continues its march around the world.

EpiPen pack


EpiPen main ingredient costs 'less than a Big Mac'

Mark Baum believes the relentless EpiPen price hikes are "shameful" and his company is plotting a $100 alternative for the lifesaving allergy treatment.

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