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California homeowners embracing grass-less yards

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

California drought: How greenbacks rip out green lawns

In drought-punished Southern California, with the unceremonious push of a steely sodbuster, another lawn bites the dust.

That's one down, and a sprawl to go.

Here in the land of perpetual sunshine, up to 5,000 residential lawns now vanish each month, c...

Google energy

Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

Google climbs into renewable energy with new plant

Out with the 20th century, in with the 21st.

Tesla Model S


Teslas hit the 1 billion mile mark

Telsa Model S owners have driven a total of one billion miles, the company said Tuesday.

Northern white rhino Sudan is last male of his kind

Ol Pejeta Conservancy via CNN

A new mass extinction could be underway

Sixty-five million years ago, the dinosaurs disappeared in what's known as the Earth's fifth mass extinction. Today, a sixth mass extinction could be well underway and humans are the likely culprit, scientists say.

More than 1 ton of contraband ivory figurines destroyed


U.S. crushes ton of ivory in Times Square

The message was crushingly loud and clear: Stop the illicit ivory trade. And to highlight it, the United States destroyed more than a ton of elephant ivory in New York's Times Square on Friday.

Delivery truck, trucks


EPA, DOT target greenhouse gases from trucks

The federal government hopes new standards can reduce the impact of climate change by improving fuel efficiency and cutting carbon pollution.

Pope Francis Dec. 25

Vatican TV

Pope Francis strongly argues for fight against climate change

Pope Francis warned Thursday that a variety of human activities -- from a blind worship of technology to a reliance on fossil fuels -- risks irreparably ruining the planet and stealing its stunning beauty and rich diversity from future generations.



Eastern cougar could be declared extinct

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to remove the eastern cougar from its endangered species list..

African bees' aggression found to be a plus

Joe Raedle/Getty Image

African bees' aggressiveness a plus

Africanized bees, known as "killer bees," once gained notoriety in the United States for swarming and killing. But scientists say their aggression makes them more productive and resilient

Pope Francis

Vatican TV

Pope, GOP collide on climate change

Climate change -- long the subject of a divisive political debate -- is getting a boost of fresh attention heading into the 2016 presidential campaign thanks to an unlikely public figure: the Pope.

Did You Know?

  • Oregonians drive in excess of 31 billion miles a year.

  • Most families spend more on transportation than healthcare or food.

  • About 67% of all trips are non-work related.

  • Transportation accounts for 34% of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon.

  • The average car releases nearly a pound of C02 for each mile driven.

  • Green your commute - try carpooling, biking or taking the bus just twice a week.
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