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President Obama tours Yosemite, says climate change happening now

President Barack Obama spoke in front of one of Yosemite National Park's picturesque waterfalls on a sun-splashed Saturday touting the importance of America's parks, but cautioning the threat of climate change is real and affecting the planet now.

Cannon House Office Building

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Unsafe lead levels found in House office building

Congressional staff and others are having to drink bottled water around the Capitol after unsafe lead levels were detected by Capitol staff in the Cannon House Office building this week.

Coral from Florida reef

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Scientists: Coral reef decay in Florida

The most terrifying thing lurking under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean may not come with razor sharp teeth.

Rio 6 months to Olympics

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Experts say Zika isn't a worry for Olympics

So it's final: the World Health Organization has confirmed that the 2016 Olympics do not need to be postponed or moved from Rio because there is a "very low risk" that the Games will further spread the Zika virus.

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Norway is first in world to ban deforestation

Norway has become the first country to stop clear-cutting of trees, a huge step toward curbing global deforestation.

At the rate we are going, the world's rain forests could completely vanish in 100 years.

In their pledge last week, Norwegian lawmake...

E Bike 3D Printing

AP Works via CNN

E-bikes: A clean getaway in a polluted world

If you're looking for a clean getaway this summer then an e-bike could be right up your street.

Lion closeup

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Lion charges toddler, hits zoo glass

A 2-year-old boy, and the lion racing to him, each got quite a scare at a Japanese zoo.

Leopard closeup

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Leopard escapes from Salt Lake City zoo exhibit

A 4-year-old leopard escaped from an exhibit at Salt Lake City's Hogle Zoo on Tuesday morning, a zoo official said.

2-acre fire reported in Calabasas, Calif.

LA County Fire Air Ops

Thousands evacuate due to fire in LA suburb

Hundreds of firefighters gained ground Sunday against a wildfire in Los Angeles County that forced at least 5,000 people to evacuate their homes, authorities said.

All evacuation orders will be lifted Sunday evening, Los Angeles County Deputy Fire Chi...


Albert Putois/CNN

France mops up as floods recede

Parisians let out a cautious sigh of relief Saturday as they watched water levels in the Seine River finally begin to drop following days of miserable flooding. But the rest of the country was not so lucky, with three new deaths reported.

The Seine, ...

Did You Know?

  • Oregonians drive in excess of 31 billion miles a year.

  • Most families spend more on transportation than healthcare or food.

  • About 67% of all trips are non-work related.

  • Transportation accounts for 34% of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon.

  • The average car releases nearly a pound of C02 for each mile driven.

  • Green your commute - try carpooling, biking or taking the bus just twice a week.
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