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Winter Cycling

When winter comes to Bend it's no reason to stop mountain biking. I think you will find some of the nicest conditions of the year after winter sets in. There are lots of trails, and very few people. The lower trails in the Phil's area can remain snow free for much of the winter but don't fear going higher. Modern mountain bike tires work well in snow and as long as it's not too deep you can march through it with no more effort than riding on sand. Venturing east will also keep you out of the more wintery conditions. There are nice trails in the Horse Ridge area and don't forget the system around Smith Rock. Generally, the further east you go, the less snow you will encounter. The latest trend in mountain biking is Fat Bikes. Fat Bikes use very large tires that give a larger contact patch with the snow and should cruise through those conditions with less effort. Keep Fat Bikes in mind as an option for continuing to ride through the winter months.

Another thing to consider for winter riding is what you wear. Be sure to layer and prepare for cold and possible inclement weather. Wear good quality gloves and don't forget the winter riding shoes, or shoe covers. Nothing ruins a ride quite like cold feet. Bring some good energy food, lots or water, and don't fear the snow flakes. You won't regret it.

For more information on winter riding email info@hutchsbicycles.com, or call 541-382-9253.

See you on the trails.

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