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Road Biking around Bend

Something for everyone!

Bend is a Mecca for people that love the outdoors, and mountain biking has become signature sport for the area. However, when visiting Bend don't forget that this is one of the best areas for road biking in the nation.

We have a variety of terrain options that can challenge cyclists a little, or a lot. We have long climbing options like the ride from town up to Mt Bachelor, and past that up to Elk Lake. That out and back ride offers steep climbs in both directions.

We have mixed climbing and flat options like the roads on the north and south sides of Hwy 20 in the Tumalo area with the greatest views in the Northwest.

Lastly we have wide open flat areas on the east side of town with desert views and very few people. Many of Bend's outlying roads have Scenic Byway designations and are well worth taking the time to see. For those that don't mind traveling a little further from Bend there is the old McKenzie Pass ride. It's less than a 30 mile round trip from Sisters and features a highway closed to cars every year until mid-June. It's our own little Stelvio Pass! North of Redmond there is the Terrebonne/Smith Rocks area. Lightly traveled, mostly flat roads, and one of a kind views of Smith Rocks is the highlight of this ride.

Bend truly has something for every person, with every level of fitness. In all of these areas you can count on high quality roads with great pavement, low traffic, and courteous drivers. If you don't own a road bike, don't worry, Bend has lots of options for you. Most bike shops in town offer rentals of road bikes starting from the most basic, to the latest, high end, lightweight Carbon Fiber racing bikes. Rentals are available by the day, multi day, or by the week. Try the road in Bend on a bike, you won't be sorry.

Source: Hutch's Bicycles, 541-382-9253, info@hutchsbicycles.com.

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