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THE FAT BIKE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!  When traveling around Bend you may have noticed people riding a new, strange looking bike. A bike with very large tires not unlike what you might see on a dune buggy.

The Fat Bike revolution is here and it's time that you take a look at these oversized gems. Sporting very large low pressure tires your suspension is in the tire, and not on the bikes. Fat Bikes to this point have been heavier than most people would like to see but the technology has moved and new, redesigned, and much lighter Fat Bikes are on the market. All of the large bike manufacturers have jumped in and we are now seeing bikes in more entry level price ranges. The first bikes on the market used steel frames but now we are seeing them in Aluminum, and even Carbon Fiber. Because the technology has advanced we are now seeing bikes that are available in the sub 24 pound range so they can go as easily uphill, as downhill. Carbon Fiber Wheels, once thought to be unobtainable for the regular guy are now more common and are sold in sizes suitable for Fat Bikes. No matter what conditions you face, a Fat Bike can handle it. Snow, sand, mud, or hard packed dirt, the trails are no match for this new machine.

So you want to try one out before you buy? No problem, Fat Bikes are available for hourly, daily, or weekly rental rates at most bike shops here in Bend. Join the revolution and be the first on your block to ride a Fat Bike.

For more information contact Hutch's Bicycles at 541-382-9253 or <mailto:info@hutchsbicycles.com> info@hutchsbicycles.com

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