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Barbara Hudin

Barbara Hudin's art is simply captivating, creative and widely complex. Her medium is metal, inks, pigments and wood all in a very unique style which she describes as experimental printmaking and encaustic painting. In encaustic painting, Hudin collects pigments that are ground and mixed with molten dammar resin, beeswax and other waxes to create a liquid or paste. Using a propane torch and an electric tacking iron, she creates an image by fusing the layers of paint onto a birch or oak panel. Hudin studied printmaking and drawing at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, yet she learned much of the process by experimenting, and from other artists. Her current techniques are very much self taught.

See Barbara's art works on June 6th, and throughout the month of June, at Cascade Sotheby's International Realty in downtown Bend at 821 NW Wall Street. Tetherow will be sponsoring this show that kicks off at 5 pm with cocktails and appetizers. For a complete listing of featured artists please visit Cascade Sotheby's News & Media page. 

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