"We always looked at the fictitious suburban town, Chatswin, as being the land of the moms. The idea was this family without a mom moves into a town that is dominated and run by moms," said Emily Kapnek, creator of the show, who like Behrs was also a big Carol Burnett fan growing up. "Creating an ensemble of these women who -- parenting is their full time job, not just parenting these children but other people's children. We found the best and brightest we could think of to populate this world."

Those moms include Cheryl Hines of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," in the scene-stealing role of Dallas Royce.

"I think you're getting roles for women that are written by women that come at it differently and feel in some ways more authentic," said Kapnek.

"I was a single mom when I had my older son, and everyone wanted a single mom show and I was always so surprised at the way they wanted to develop those shows. 'Why does she have to be perfect? Why isn't she a mess, why doesn't she fall down on her face?' I think right now, we have so many female show runners, you have a more undiluted feed to what their point of view is and I think people are identifying with that and it feels different."

Bark said that women being behind the camera more and more will be the most important thing.

"This season, (that development) is welcome and it should continue and if these shows work, it will continue." (On that note, already on tap for 2012: NBC's "Are You There, Chelsea?" and ABC's "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.")

As for right now, "New Girl's" Meriwether said that it's great to see the diversity of shows by and about women being produced.

"I personally think that they are all really funny, so I'm just really happy to be sort of a part of this, whatever it is ... new moment, I guess."