Green Life: Unload That Old Fridge for Free

POSTED: 8:30 AM PDT April 11, 2012    UPDATED: 8:33 AM PDT April 11, 2012 
BEND, Ore. -

Spring is here, and we have a way for you to spring clean, go green and collect some cash. All you need is a refrigerator that you don't use any more.

Energy Trust is sponsoring a free fridge recycling program. The best part -- no hauling the fridge to the dump yourself, and you get $40.

We caught up with Megan Clark, a technical field representative for Energy Trust, ON Wednesday.

Clark was there as a Bend man exchanged the extra fridge that kept his beer cold, for cold, hard cash.

"Refrigerators just use a lot of money, so it's really just a target appliance," said Clark. "Get them off the grid -- stop using them and use the new Energy Star, ones and save yourself a lot of money and the environment."

Energy Trust says a second fridge can cost you big time, even racking up $200 a year on your energy bill.

Portland General Electric and Pacific Power customers are eligible for the program. If you're interested in participating in the program, visit