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jeremy clarkson top gear

Mike Flokis/Getty Images

BBC director general receives 'death threats'

The BBC's director-general, Tony Hall, has allegedly received death threats days after "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson was dropped.

"Police in Westminster are investigating an allegation of threats to kill," the Metropolitan Police confirmed to CNN in...

Ferrari Sergio car

How Ferrari maintains its mystique

Usually, an automotive marketing executives job is pretty straightforward. Sell more cars. That's not the case for Enrico Galliera, the head of sales and marketing for Ferrari.

For him, there is such a thing as selling too many Ferraris. Exclusivity ...

Autoworkers install engine

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

US autoworkers could get first real raise in 10 years

U.S. autoworkers are poised to get their first wage hike in 10 years.

Four-year contracts between the UAW and General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler expire this September as all three automakers post strong sales and profits.

Union leaders hope to win...

Ford S-Max

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

New Ford car automatically obeys speed limits

Ford says it has the answer for speed demons who can't keep their gas pedals off the metal: A car that reads speed limit signs and automatically slows down.

scared woman driving car


Study: It's taking us longer to get to work

Think it's taking you longer to get to work? Has your job moved farther from your home? You're probably right on both counts.

Mercedes emblem

Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

Mercedes recalls 30,000 cars

Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 30,000 CLS-Class cars in the U.S. because of malfunctioning the LED tail lamps.

Aston Martin logo

Fadi Al-Assaad/Reuters

Aston Martin unveils its future

Aston Martin has been to the brink of bankruptcy more than a few times in its 100-year history.

Andy Palmer, the automaker's new chief executive, wants to get the car maker back on solid ground for good.

A vital piece of the puzzle is the company's de...

Auto parts maker Delphi equipped an Audi SQ5 to drive itself

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Self-driving car starts cross-country trip, stops for lunch

Apparently even driverless cars need to stop for lunch.


Jay Schexnyder/CNN

Police detain union members protesting VW layoffs

As tensions rise in disputes with Volkswagen and Peugeot, 15 Russian union members have been detained by police.

1955 Volkswagen bus

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Huge car collection found on dead man's property

Sixty-nine vintage cars, including Model Ts and Volkswagen buses, will be auctioned off in Orange County after their owner died intestate.

Mary Barra testifies

Mark Finkenstaedt/General Motors

GM's Barra to be quizzed over botched recall

General Motors CEO Mary Barra is to face another under-oath grilling about the ignition switch recall that dominated headlines last year. Barra will be deposed on Oct. 8 by lawyers for families suing General Motors.

Virgin Group found says may develop 'sexy' electric car one day

NBC/ via Getty Images

Branson: Virgin might make an electric car

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group that includes Virgin America airlines and Virgin Mobile, has said he might consider getting into the electric car business to compete against Tesla Motors.




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