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Bend man found guilty of Murder

Bend man's murder sentencing postponed

A Bend man convicted of murder by a jury last month now will be waiting until next month to be sentenced, as a result of a delay sought by his defense lawyers.

Submerged ATV pulled from Deschutes River

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

Sunken ATV pulled from Deschutes River

The owners have yet to be found, but an ATV that was driven into the Deschutes River and sank was recovered Friday from the swift-running water south of Sunriver by Deschutes County sheriff’s marine deputies and a search-and-rescue dive team.

Bend fire danger labeled extreme

Bend Fire & Rescue

Central Oregon fire danger level hits 'extreme'

The city of Bend, Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District #2 and Oregon Department of Forestry-protected lands in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties have now entered into Extreme Fire Danger status, officials said Friday.

A C sales rise with temps

Air conditioners in hot demand as temps rise

As temperatures continue to rise, air conditioning units are in hot demand, keeping AC technicians very busy on the High Desert.

Sisters ready for quilt crowds

Sisters gears up for busiest weekend of year

It's a busy weekend ahead for Sisters, bringing quilt lovers from all over the world together.

John Kerry

The State Department

Kerry unveils audit in Afghan election crisis

An audit of Afghanistan's disputed presidential election results will begin within a day in Kabul, and the two candidates will accept its determination of who won, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday.

"Make no mistake. These will be the f...

American Idol auditions roll into Portland

Dream on: Portland hosts 'American Idol' auditions

The dream of becoming a winner on "American Idol" starts with a song.  You have one shot to take the walk from the long line, to potential stardom.  You get one song.  But which one? NewsChannel 21 was in Portland for the first round of auditions this week.

Police lights (generic)

Couple charged in newborn's death are arrested

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Police in Portland say a man and a woman charged in the April death of a newborn baby girl have been arrested.

Oregon state seal

2 state workers allege discrimination, retaliation

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A state worker and his former colleague allege in lawsuits that their supervisor bullied them, made light of their disabilities and eventually disciplined them when they complained.

Water faucet

Ashland officials warn of water scam

ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) — Officials in Ashland say someone is claiming city water is unsafe to drink in an attempt to sell bottled water.

Redmond sunset Richard Bozarth

Richard Bozarth

Summer sights: Fireworks, pets, lightning, rainbows

Some pre- (and post-)Fourth fireworks from nature caught attention across the High Desert, as have all sorts of beautiful scenes, including a special atmospheric phenomenon that drew eyes and camera lenses skyward. Here are some photos we received; e-mail 1-2 of your summer sights for us to share to stories@ktvz.com.


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Family Life


  • China targets Apple for location-tracking apps


    Brendan McDermid/Reuters

    China's state-run media is slamming Apple for the iPhone's ability to track users' locations.

    The government-controlled CCTV network reported Friday that Apple devices record users' every move and message.

    "We simply don't know what their motive is in ...

Entertainment Headlines

Tracy Morgan sues Walmart over deadly crash

Tracy Morgan

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Comedian Tracy Morgan is suing Walmart over a deadly limo bus crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that left him critically injured.

Punk rock icon Tommy Ramone dies

Tommy Ramone

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Punk rock fuel-injected the beat of rock and roll in the mid-1970s with a frenetic tempo. On Friday, the drummer who gunned out those rhythms with pioneering punk band the Ramones passed away.

Tommy Ramone was 65 and the last living original member of...

Dream on: Portland hosts 'American Idol' auditions

American Idol auditions roll into Portland

The dream of becoming a winner on "American Idol" starts with a song.  You have one shot to take the walk from the long line, to potential stardom.  You get one song.  But which one? NewsChannel 21 was in Portland for the first round of auditions this week.

Rosemary Murphy, Emmy-winning actress, dies

Rosemary Murphy To Kill a Mockingbird

Rosemary Murphy, an Emmy Award-winning actress, has died. She was 89.

Murphy died Saturday night at her home in Manhattan, her agent confirmed to CNN. The New York Times cited cancer as the cause of death.

Murphy was known for her film role as Miss Ma...

Director Reeves completely at home with 'Dawn of Planet of the Apes'

Caesar Dawn of the POTA inset Matt Reeves(1)

20th Century Fox

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" director Matt Reeves talks about his longtime time love for the "Planet of the Apes" movie franchise.


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