HS survey: 3 of 4 students say they don't drink

But some Redmond HS students dispute the results

Most high schoolers say they don't drink

REDMOND, Ore. - High school parties are popular scenes in many Hollywood blockbusters. So in the real world, how big really is the high school drinking scene?

According to a new survey conducted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and State Farm says, 77 percent of high schoolers nationwide say they do not drink.

"I definitely thought that the 77 percent was really high, because I honestly see a lot of people here drink, and do drugs and stuff like that," Redmond High junior Bryna O'Keefe said.

Juniors at Redmond High take part in a similar survey for Oregon.

Last year, 68 percent of juniors said they don't drink. That closely matches the results statewide.

Some students don't think survey responses are always truthful.

"I would honestly say about 50 percent probably drink at Redmond High School,"  O'Keefe said.

Redmond High senior Tyler Young agrees: "I do sometimes think kids are like, 'Oh,  I don't want to get caught, so I'm going to say that I've never done it.'"

Those who say they really don't drink explain that they stay away because of the consequences.

I'm in leadership right now, and we have an alcohol policy that if you drink, then you're out," said Redmond High senior Zack Simmons.

The health consequences can be even more severe.

"Ten to 15 percent of kids actually have a drinking problem," said Dr. Neil Ernst, a pediatrician at St. Charles Family Center. "Effects on adolescents are more pronounced, more devastating when you start young, because you still are growing, developing and changing."

Despite the risks, survey results and school chatter proves there's still kids that don't care.

"I usually hear like, 'Wow, we went to such a big party last night -- we got so drunk!'" O'Keefe said.

Young added, "I mean, there's so many other things you could do besides go and get drunk and do drugs."

Nationally 4,700 people die every year as a result of underage drinking. That's more than all other drugs combined.

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