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Documents show White House health care worries

Obama touts health care law

Internal document reveal concerns the Obama administration has had about sticker shock and anger related to the health care exchanges.

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Do I have to get health insurance?

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What if I can't afford health insurance?

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What are your options under the Affordable Care Act if you can't afford health insurance…

How will Affordable Care Act affect Medicare?

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If you're on Medicare, how will the new Affordable Care Act affect you? Click to find out…

Will I have to change doctors?

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Can I just keep the insurance I have?

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What kind of benefits can I expect?

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Can my auto-home-life insurance agent enroll me?

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Can your agent who handles your auto-home-life policies enroll you in health coverage?…

Will past health problems keep me from getting coverage?

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Will your past health problems affect your ability to get coverage? Click to find out.…

Can my employer cut my hours?

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Can your employer cut your hours because of the Affordable Care Act? Click to find out.…

Can my adult children be covered by my policy?

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Can your adult child be covered by your health insurance policy under the Affordable Care…


C. Oregon/NW Health Reform News

Merkley calls for public health insurance option

Sen. Jeff Merkley

Senator Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., visited the North by Northeast Community Health Center in Portland Friday to talk with health care advocates about his efforts in the Senate to call for a public option, similar to Medicare, in the health insurance market.

Oregon ethics commission investigates Salem lawmaker

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The commission responsible for enforcing Oregon state ethics laws has launched a preliminary investigation of Rep. Jodi Hack, a Salem Republican.

Eight disabled Oregonians, 1 from Bend, sue ODOT over lack of access

ODOT logo

Eight Oregonians with disabilities, including a Bend man who gets around by wheelchair, filed suit Monday in federal court, demanding that the Oregon Department of Transportation take swift action to fix curb ramps around the state.

Deschutes County SO offers winter driving tips

Highway 97 snowy at Vandevert Road

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office offered some winter driving safety tips Wednesday in the wake of a storm that dropped more than a foot of snow in many locations.

Oregonians may soon vote on liquor in grocery stores

Liquor at grocery stores

A group of grocery chains have filed a proposed measure that would allow liquor to be sold at local grocery stores, but that possibility is getting a mixed reaction from other alcohol-related businesses on the High Desert.

Walden questions state official over Cover Oregon failure

Cover Oregon logo

At a congressional hearing Tuesday on state health insurance exchanges, Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., questioned Patrick Allen, director of Oregon's Department of Consumer and Business Services, about the failure of Cover Oregon and where the state goes from here with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services now managing the IT infrastructure of the state exchange.

Oregon health insurance premiums to rise in 2016

The cost of health care

The Oregon Insurance Division approved premium hikes on Wednesday of up to 40 percent for 2016. The increase applies only to the 10 percent of Oregonians who are self-insured.

Lawmakers set to decide on Cover Oregon's fate

Lawmakers deal with Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon, Oregon's state health insurance exchange, failed. Now, a 10-member joint committee of the 2015 Legislature is burdened with the task of what to do with the program. It's not as simple as you may think.