Early spring means early C. Oregon allergy season

Allergy specialist offers advice for sufferers

Allergy season hits early

BEND, Ore. - An early start to spring has also meant an early allergy season. 

Our usual spring time peak in April might come as early as March. 

Dr. Ripdeep Mangat at the Bend Allergy and Care Center has noticed patients coming in early to help deal with the symptoms. 

"People usually start getting affected in March and April, but sometimes when we're warmer they'll start having those symptoms sooner," Mangat said Thursday. 

"Trees tend to be the predominant allergen for the spring, and juniper is probably clinically the most important allergen," Mangat added. 

Trees aren't the only concern, however, with flowers and grass beginning to bloom as well. 

Mangat encourages people to see their doctors or licensed allergy specialists sooner rather than later.

His primary concern is for people with respiratory problems, especially asthma:

"People with asthma or other respiratory problems (should) seek their doctor to talk about treatment even before their symptoms begin to show," Mangat said. 

And as he put it: "We haven't reached our peak yet." 

It's clear that for people who suffer from allergy symptoms, this year's allergy season has just started.

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