Gas station clerks: Robber was 'polite'

Thief apologized before making off with money, merchandise

POSTED: 12:15 PM PST February 27, 2014    UPDATED: 1:31 PM PST February 27, 2014 
Car pulling up to gas pumps

San Diego (KSWB) -- A man accused of robbing several stores is being described by gas station employees as a "polite thief."

Seven gas stations throughout San Diego County were robbed within a few hours Tuesday night, police said. Authorities suspect at least of five of them were committed by the same man.

Surveillance video at the Chevron on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Shawline Street show the actions of the thief. It appears the robber asks for pack a cigarettes, then is shown taking out a possible firearm.

The robber said, "I'm not going to hurt you" and apologized before making his escape, a gas station clerk told Fox 5.

Detectives described the suspected serial robber as a 6-foot-tall white man wearing a white shirt.

The amount of money and merchandise stolen during the robberies was undisclosed.